Sometimes idealistic, always positive, and never forgetting that you are our name, you are what matters. True it's a tough industry, even those at the top are grappling to create something constant.

So where is your place in all this?
We receive briefs daily for upcoming and current movies filmed in and around the Western Cape. We are approached for artistes both for featured and background work. We are also approached for live entertainment and stills shoots.

When you are right for a job, we contact you with the details.


Petra Schiebe

Founder of Faces4Film, the heart of the agency, continually fighting for the rights of our people, the coal who has become a diamond after years of pressure from a very demanding environment.

She knows how to pick the right person for the right job and with this skill has incorporated an agency with longevity. Viva La Petra.

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Jonathan Mumbeck

A beaming light of positive energy, with years of film industry experience too, both national and abroad, the Artiste Manager at Faces4Film, who fears not the under earth of our country, if it means finding the seed; a seed which could grow into the countries next superb entertainer.

In charge of the business side of your career, while you cultivate your own creative genius, he will always have time for those who are willing to prove themselves.

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Aaieshaa Arendze

In every grand scheme of life you need somebody who can tame chaos and wrangle madness. We have Aaieshaa, who on a day to day basis manages to defuse and sterilize the constant unpredictability of an unnerving industry.

Analysing the details with a 'fine tooth comb', keeping track of the finances and picking up the pieces are all very special powers she possesses.

Remember, it is Double A, I before E, S – H – and then Double A again! ;)

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  • There has been change. I have spoken to many of you already but I needed to do this, because I am getting hundreds of calls and messages asking what is happening to Faces 4 Film. Here we go: Faces 4 Film has changed location and are now operating under the name Ozone Artist Management. We are now at Studio On Raats (30A Raats Drive, Table View) and it has been a great step up, as I am now working from a studio which creates fantastic opportunities for all of us. Ozone Artist Management is an established and well respected Agency, and while we will be doing extras (more revered jobs) our main focus is on-camera roles. Please call Caitlin on 021 556 4289, or myself on 021 556 4298, to set up your appointment for updates. There is absolutely no cost involved, and the pictures are top class studio quality, so if you are still hungry for being on set (or to the parents who feel they have children with that extra something) then make you appointment asap. I know it can feel like a schlep, and yes, we are all working hard to make ends meet, but fresh pictures are a key to success in this industry. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to see where we are now, and touch ground, which should never be underestimated. I would like to say thank you. To all those availability checks, and waiting at castings, sacrifices made and patient waits for money, we have grown into a formidable force to deal with in the Western Cape, we can all be proud. However, if there are those out there who have moved on, moved away, or just feel like concentrating on a different aspect of your lives, please reply to this email and let me know. I will then deactivate your account til another time, when this is something you WANT to do. Regards to all, Jonathan
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