• Can I enrol now and pay later?
    If you are the kind of person who refuses to put the money in upfront then by all means watch our website for specials, competitions and deals. Under usual circumstances, your R250 enrolment fee needs to be paid upfront. (Read on to see what you get.)
  • What do I get for R250?
    You will get a full portfolio, an hour long consultation to answer the questions you may have about the film industry, countless tips and advice on how to improve your chances in castings, auditions and on set, as well as the representation of one of the leading agencies in the Western Cape.
  • Why do I have to have a SARS Income Tax number?
    This has been a necessity since SARS made the decision back in 2009 that any artiste who is placed on set needs to be SARS registered. IF you do not have one, we can apply for you at a once off cost of R50, which of course saves you a trip to the SARS branch. However, we will not represent Artistes who do not have one.
  • Can agencies guarantee work?
    No, because we represent you, we are the middle man. The director (however way you look at it) of the project has the final say, so no agency can EVER guarantee you work.
  • What is the difference between an extra and a character?
    Letís just say that anyone can be an extra.
  • What is a character?
    wiki.answers say a character is:

    (a) the sum of the choices one has made in their life. You are said to have good character if you make moral choices, and bad character if you make selfish and immoral choices.

    (b) a character is a fictional invention who does not exist in real life. Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter are characters.

    (c) an eccentric yet likable person. You often year such people described as being "a real character."

    At Faces4Film, we realize that it is a mesh of all of the above, somebody with charisma, attraction and a special zest. To the industry, it is somebody who can play a part without necessarily acting, ie a nerd playing the part of a nerd, a ditz playing the part of a ditz, a jock playing the part of a jock and so on.
  • I do not stay in the Western Cape. Can I still join?
    While we never want to say no to a truly willing spirit, the truth of the matter is the industry works at a very fast pace. We do manage some artistes from all over South Africa, but our focus lies on work in and around the Western Cape.
  • How long is the contract for?
    Our contract is designed in such a way that we continue to represent you as long as there isn't gross negligence on your part. However, if you decide to leave us, or move away etc, just send us an email and we will de-activate you immediately. See it here: Faces4Film Contract
  • I have a job / I am in school / I work shifts, should I still consider joining.
    If you crave this sort of thing, than definitely. We have many artistes who do not pursue film industry fame 24/7. When you join we take time to see where and when we can slot you in. Sometimes just for fun, but sometimes for really good money too.
  • I want to do this but worry I do not have the confidence.
    Confidence is one of the most important attributes needed for a character. But not joining our agency because you lack confidence is a step in the wrong direction. Arrange an appointment and we can assist in tools to help build your assurance.
  • I want to do this but I worry I do not have the look I need.
    You are thinking of a modelling agency. Character has very little to do with look. Of course, when it comes down to finding the right person for the part, the look is a very important part of they take into consideration. But that is not a contradiction, because they look for all sorts.
  • I am unemployed and desperately need an extra income, should I join?
    Yes, but not because you desperately need the extra income. We have many wonderful artistes who are on our books that are unemployed. Because there schedules are open, they tend to be more available and book more jobs. HOWEVER, there is very little consistency in the film industry, so any money made this way should be considered a bonus.
  • Is it true you wait \"forever\" to get paid?
    Payment can never be done quick enough. Faces4Film would love it if you your reimbursed for your time the minute you step off set. However, we can only pay you once Production has paid us. Sometimes it can take a while for this to happen. Be patient. No agency would be around this long if they artistes weren't being paid. Expect a 30 to 90 day wait, with 45 days being the average.
  • How much does the agency take?
    We take 25% for R1000 or less, and 30% for R1001 or more.
  • Are there any other deductions?
    We have a yearly membership fee of R250, which will only be deducted from confirmed and paid jobs.
  • I am not a South African resident, can I join?
    Yes, as long as you have a valid work permit.
  • Must I have a bank account?
    Yes, this is a necessity if you want us to represent you. We do not make cash payments.
  • Is transport essential?
    We have been known to make exceptions, however getting to set and home again is the artistes responsibility. Bad public transport is not a valid excuse for missing a booking.
  • Why do I need an email address?
    If you don't have we will help you set one up when you enrol. It is a great way to communicate (announcements/competitions/extensive casting details) and everyone should have one as a back-up to their mobile phone number, which remains our first point of contact.
  • I am a professional, should I consider being represented by Faces4Film?
    Yes, we have a very elite group of professionals, who make up our 1st Act department.
  • Can anyone be a part of the 1st Act division?
    No. You need a qualification, or extensive experience that can be showcased. (Aka showreel.) If you lack the afore mentioned, but still consider yourself a professional, email us at 1stact@faces4film.com to request an audition. We will respond with further details.
  • Do you inform people early enough to give them time to prepare, or do you phone them and need them to be on set immediately.
    We try! Whenever you are a possible candidate, we will call you. If prep time is ridiculous, we do not hold it against you if you cannot say yes...Sometimes it is very short notice, but a little give and take from Artiste and Agency can go a long way.
  • Can I enrol via your website?
    This is a good way to get started, but we will always have to meet you in person before you are officially enrolled. It is also a good time to give those details you are not comfortable giving over the world wide web.
  • What do I get paid?
    As I often say, it is impossible to put the industry in the box. But payment can be anywhere from R280net (what you get) per day (standard extra) to R2500net per day (featured lead). For commercials, there is also usage (previously known as royalties) that the client pays for your likeness being associated with a product. This is where the big bucks lie and will be negotiated based on experience, duration the material is used and what territories the advertising will take place. (Other factors could also be taken into consideration.)
  • What are my rights as an extra?
    For a long time, extras were regarded as 'human props'. While it is still important to not forget your role, the key word is 'human' and OSCA-SA realizes this. For more info, please go to www.oscasa.com.
  • Do you see enrolments over and above the hours you mention on your website? (Mondays to Friday, 10am - 3pm)
    No. Adhering to our structure from the start is an important part of the process. We go a long way to lift our artistes to a point they are recognized, however within reason. We need to structure our time carefully due to the pressure of the industry. In addition, if you cannot be flexible enough to meet us during the week, it is unlikely you will be flexible enough to attend auditions and castings.
  • How often will I be expected to come through to the offices?
    Initially, just once. However, as time goes by we do require that you come in for a refresh (an update of your details/measurements and new photos) every 6 months (ideal) and 1 year. This plays a big part in keeping your look fresh.
  • @Jonathan Mumbeck
  • There has been change. I have spoken to many of you already but I needed to do this, because I am getting hundreds of calls and messages asking what is happening to Faces 4 Film. Here we go: Faces 4 Film has changed location and are now operating under the name Ozone Artist Management. We are now at Studio On Raats (30A Raats Drive, Table View) and it has been a great step up, as I am now working from a studio which creates fantastic opportunities for all of us. Ozone Artist Management is an established and well respected Agency, and while we will be doing extras (more revered jobs) our main focus is on-camera roles. Please call Caitlin on 021 556 4289, or myself on 021 556 4298, to set up your appointment for updates. There is absolutely no cost involved, and the pictures are top class studio quality, so if you are still hungry for being on set (or to the parents who feel they have children with that extra something) then make you appointment asap. I know it can feel like a schlep, and yes, we are all working hard to make ends meet, but fresh pictures are a key to success in this industry. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to see where we are now, and touch ground, which should never be underestimated. I would like to say thank you. To all those availability checks, and waiting at castings, sacrifices made and patient waits for money, we have grown into a formidable force to deal with in the Western Cape, we can all be proud. However, if there are those out there who have moved on, moved away, or just feel like concentrating on a different aspect of your lives, please reply to this email and let me know. I will then deactivate your account til another time, when this is something you WANT to do. Regards to all, Jonathan
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